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Lianghua special tourism products, food

2018-09-21 16:06:37 Lianghua National Forest Park Read

Lianghua Qingmei Liquor: Using the traditional method, using the local rich green plum fruit resources, referring to the wine production process, using the fermentation, soaking, blending, filtering and brewing to make Jilongshan Qingmei wine. The color of the wine is attractive, golden yellow, clear and transparent; moderately sweet and sour, alcoholic, and harmonious, good taste; alcohol degree 18 degrees, easy to enter, not on the brain; appetizing, eliminating fatigue, expelling muscle soreness, health care Efficacy; can be warm, can be frozen, and its flavor is unique.

Lianghua Meicai: Our town has been producing plum vegetables for 500 years. It is made from fresh plum, salt and brown sugar. It is golden in color, refreshing and refreshing, fresh and sweet, not dry and not wet, not cold or hot, it is a gift. . Lianghua Meicai is famous for its famous brand in Huizhou Meicai. The products are exported to Southeast Asian countries except for domestic sales.

Lianghua brine tofu: The biggest characteristic of Lianghua tofu is that the skin is tough and tender, and it has a strong bean flavor. Have good tofu, but also have a good cook to make food. The local chef fry the "two-sided yellow" by slow-cooking, and the tourists in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other places become repeat customers with their delicious taste, tender and not crisp, and outer tough and fresh. .

Lianghua Sanhuang Chicken: The farmer hatches eggs from ancient hens and feeds them with “grain grains” and stocking. The meat is not greasy, the smooth taste is good, and the sweetness is endless.

Lianghua Vegetable: Lianghua Town is a provincial-level vegetable professional town. It is one of Huizhou's green food supply bases. It has an annual vegetable area of 100,000 mu (including multiple crops). Vegetable products are mainly sold to Shenzhen, Dongguan, Hong Kong, Macau and Southeast Asia. area.